Insurance for Students

Lawrence E. Smith Insurance for Students

Missouri schools are not required to buy insurance or pay student medical expenses associated with school injuries. However, Fort Zumwalt School District has purchased an accident insurance policy as a public service to assist parents that may be without insurance or need to supplement their own personal insurance plan deductibles or copays. The school policy will not provide 100% reimbursement for all medical expenses incurred. The plan has limitations and benefits as outlined below. The school district cannot assume responsibility for payment of medical expenses that are not covered by the accident insurance policy.

The school policy covers students, grades Early Childhood through 12, while they are participating in school scheduled, school supervised and school funded classes, sports and activities, during the regular school term. Students are also covered while they are traveling as a school sponsored group in a school bus or van operated by a licensed adult driver to and from school premises and a school sponsored event site. Injuries sustained during individual travel or travel in privately owned vehicles are not covered by the school policy.

Optional Student Insurance Purchase

Parents may also purchase additional insurance protection for accidents that may occur while students are away from school, at home, during the weekends and vacation periods, including the summer months. For information regarding this optional coverage, call the Lawrence E. Smith & Associates Insurance Agency at 1-800-325-1350, or e-mail a request for information to [email protected]