School Safety

School safety is a top priority at St. Peters Elementary. Some examples of how we provide the safest environment for our students include:

1) All of our exterior doors are locked between school hours and we have a buzz-in system located at our front door. Please be patient with our office staff as they ask you specific questions about your involvement with St. Peters Elementary. We want to make sure each individual who enters our school has the student's best interest at heart. 
2) When you are interested in having lunch with your student, please be sure to have your I.D. with you. We do not allow any communication to be made between an adult and student, unless an I.D. is provided and the adult is in our system.  
3) A student cannot be picked up from school by anyone without an I.D. and without parent permission. 

4) Students and staff are aware of our safety procedures for inside and outside of our school.